Couples Therapy

Everyone needs a therapy every once in a while. Especially couples…

It doesn’t necessarily mean they have a problem, but just like monthly or weekly date nights that keep the relationship alive for years even after the birth of your “third” child, the couples need to speak to someone about their problems, feelings; they need a catalyst to open up to each other.

This is not something one can do with friends; because (1) you don’t want to bother them with your problems and feelings that are way too intimate (2) no friend is as educated as a professional counsel with strong Psychology background.

Having a dedicated time every month, in front of a therapist, would keep the discipline needed to keep these sessions going. The therapist would ask questions and assign homeworks so the couple work on their problems and feelings even offline.

Families are indeed the backbone of our society and they’re in the verge of destruction due to wild-capitalism which leaves no time for anything non-work-related, and the rise of hedonistic culture which abolishes our moral compass.

As for the business model, the company would run on a subscription model. On the technical aspect, the app would connect the couple with a therapist via video-calls.

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