Dating App with Post-Marital Services

I just tweeted about the Calm app and the lack of long-term value thereof.

Which brought me to thinking about the Match Group which owns popular services such as Tinder and OkCupid. After all, Match and Calm are similar in the sense that they’re both transactional and targeting very large crowds, yet Match has proven to be a sustainable business too over time. The difference though is, as a matter of fact, technology can be assistive in match-making but it is, in my opinion, prohibitive in anxiety-healing.

But this made me question why are these dating services all target the match-making process only, and not focus on the longer-term value with wedding and post-marital services. Think Match meets Blue Nile (jewellery) meets XO Group (that owns the wedding plannet

With that, Match could even lower the prices of its services and focus on extracting value from the long-term benefits of its services, aka wedding, baby showers etc. This would boost the consumer confidence and create an even more engaging dating service, while growing the business (the combined entity, Match and XO together) itself.

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