PHP runtime for iOS & Android

It would be great if one could execute PHP on Android or iOS.

For this, we’d need a Zend Engine for mobile platforms. For the time being, Zend Engine (or HHVM) are available only on UNIX and Windows.

Alternatively we could have a JRE (Java Runtime Engine) for iOS and Android which would let us run at least Python as a first-class citizen through Jython, but probably not PHP yet since, last time I checked, the PHP edition on JRE was unreliable. I know Android has its own implementation of JRE but I doubt it lets us use any programming language other than Java (Android Edition) and Kotlin. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Last but not least, the V8 engine could also be ported, so we could run node.js/javascript on these mobile platforms.

Long story short, we need a universal engine that will run on all platforms (mobile/desktop) and support all programming languages via interfaces. That would be the programmer’s utopia.

If someone is ready to start this effort with a Patreon campaign, I’ll be the first to chip in.

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