MOASN Opportunity of Microsoft

MOASN is an abbreviation for “Mother of All Social Networks.” was once the MOASN, and probably the only MOASN ever built thus far, but it no longer is. Yet, the company owns Instagram and Whatsapp, which still put them in an extremely advantageous position when it comes to “data as the new oil” mantra.

Today, things are about to change. In my opinion, Microsoft is sitting on the new MOASN opportunity, and here’s why:

  • LinkedIn; they own the largest professional social network. Business connections are worth far more than social ones because they’re influential in business decisions and one can’t put a dollar value on a friend, while they can on a business connection! I’d love to see LinkedIn revalued with that metric, rather than archaic DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) and others.
  • Github; the largest network of coders, the future of LinkedIn — vertical, specialized.
  • Yammer & Teams; the largest internal social nets for the enterprise.
  • Skype; still a major messaging/VOIP platform despite the rise of Whatsapp, and it’s probably the largest in terms of revenue.

There’s no doubt Microsoft may continue on its path to become a large private equity organization for tech companies, and keep these properties independent, while focusing on forming a strong P&L table instead.

But on the product-side, the combination is a riskier, nevertheless a no-less-ambitious “data as the new oil” opportunity that I’m hoping Microsoft is internally exploring.

The other two companies the company may look into buying to complete this vision are:

  • Dribbble (designers) to complement Github
  • And of course, Twitter. Steve Ballmer is already a major shareholder.

While at it, why not launch a developer cloud for social applications too ­čśë

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