Kid’s Game with IQ reporting for parents

Imagine a console or mobile game for kids, with a lot of moving parts; It starts with a character, and it’s full of games within the game.

There are already a lot of such apps in the market right now, which my daughter is also in love with. But wouldn’t it be nice for this game to actually measure her EQ and IQ progress over time? Parents would love this. The game would be totally free, without any tricks to exploit the kid’s weaknesses, but the parents would pay to unlock certain features. Win-win.

Full disclosure; this was my sister’s (Emel’s) idea, and she let me share it on this blog. I guess, with Peak Games’ legendary $1.8B exit to Zynga, everyone in the Turkish ecosystem is now thinking about creating some sort of a game! Why not work on this, while you can?

If there’s anything we can do to assist, ping me.

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