As the demand for cloud-based text editors, such as Microsoft Word 365 and Google Docs, goes through the roof, we will be seeing more vertical applications in the same domain.

I have previously posted about a word processor idea focused on Book Authoring.

A second vertical word processor could help with writing poems…

You may think it’s a tiny market and possibly an unprofitable one (not all poets are millionaire types, and they would not be willing to pay premium prices) and you wouldn’t be wrong! But heck, why not?? 😃

A poem writer application could help with:

  1. Finding synonyms of the words you’re using; helping you boost the poem with a richer vocabulary,
  2. Suggesting words that rhyme,
  3. Counting syllables in each line, so you can come up with a super-artistic one with a consistent number of syllables all across.

This could also become an online community for poets so they can share their poems, exchange feedback and communicate.

It goes without saying, anyone up to this challenge, hit me up.

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