Twitter clone with Ephemeral Tweets

Two main differences, from the good old Twitter, would be:

  • Ephemeral: tweets would expire in 24 hours. Similarly to Snapchat Stories.
  • Feed in chronological order. Because algorithmic feeds are notoriously manipulative.

Plus, ideally this would sit on a decentralized architecture.

I’d call it “TweetBomb” and it would definitely require an “Import my Followers” feature before Twitter disables it.

Alternatively, instead of creating a Twitter clone from scratch, one can build a tool to let others tweet temporarily via Twitter API.

Regardless, Phở Networks is, indeed, the ideal platform to develop a product like this one, because it can be decentralized by default and it is proven to scale out. We have recently changed the CLI product, so it’s now much easier to get started. Check it out!

Anyone up to this, hit me up.

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