Open Source Bounties

This would be a website where you, as a project manager using Github, commit to paying a certain fee for every Github ticket successfully resolved.

The ticket could be a bug or an improvement.

In other words, the website would be a marketplace connecting project managers with developers.

The bounties could be exported as a widget so you could embed it on your website.

If anyone is doing (or working on) this please let me know, because we need a solution like this for Pho Networks.

While researching this, I’ve found a website called IssueHunt which once focused on this very problem (not features, just bugs apparently) but it seems to be dead already! Definitely not a super-easy feat to take on, but one with potential, IMO.

The business model for this website would be based on the commissions over the bounties paid. To project the revenues, one has to look at how Github’s donation model is working for them, what the finances look like internally.

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