Uber of Hairdressing

At a time when we’re all stuck at our homes due to the Corona Virus, demand for O2O (offline-to-online) services like Uber Eats (or YemekSepeti in Turkey) and Instacart (or Getir in Turkey) must be through the roof. But my observation is, there remains a market that’s still underserved by the current O2O providers or startups, and that’s the hair salon industry.

According to SBDCNet, there were 86,000 beauty salons and barbershops with combined annual revenue of about $20 billion; and that was in 2014 and the US alone. Needless to say, the market size is enticing.

With the Corona taking its toll, we’ll all need to get out of our homes and go to the barbershop at some point soon. But… they’re closed, in most places. At the risk of sounding opportunistic, I must say that this would be a good time for an “Uber of Hairdressing” type of service to take off.

Besides connecting people with local & highly-rated barbers, the service could come with additional benefits such as;

  1. Letting you choose a hairstyle from a list of pictures in 3D, instead of having you describe what you want. Alternatively, saving you from dependence on your hairdresser to remember your style.
  2. Keeping snapshots of your hairstyle in diary format, so you can see how it changed over time, from one service provider to another.
  3. Taking care of the payment processing.
Wouldn’t it be easier to select your hairstyle from a list of pictures (in 3D) like this?

In addition, using AR (augmented reality), the app could even let you visualize new hairstyles in advance.

The app could give you the ability to see your hairstyle a priori.

This is a service I always wanted to have, no matter how loyal I am with my hairdressers. (a) It’s good for frequent travelers so they can find quality hairdressers no matter where they go, and (b) by having the hairdressers come to your address, you can save a lot of time, if you’re short of it and willing to pay an extra.

If you’re prepared and excited to build this now, no matter if you plan to use Pho or not, let’s talk!

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