In-Dream Advertising

More than ten years ago, I posted this on RWW as an April 1st joke. The article reads as follows:

ReadWriteWeb has discovered the existence of a stealth Google project, called DreamAds. It is a very ambitious project, topping even the wireless balloons which Google is also looking into. Essentially DreamAds is Google’s latest plan to extend AdSense – this time into our dreams. It may sound far-fetched, but an inside source at Google told us that it is very possible thanks to the latest in cheap magnetic resonance scanning and mind-reading techniques developed at Stanford University. Our source also revealed the thinking behind DreamAds: Google is aiming to become the first company to monetize a totally wasted period of time in human life: sleep, which takes up almost 1/3 of our lives.


The article was accompanied by this mock-illustration I put up:

this was the standard image resolution in 2008 🥺

While in-dream advertising is still a joke (despite the five trillion market size I had “predicted”), the technique seems even more plausible than before. Those of you who may be curious as to how this can become real should read the article Vox published on Elon Musk’s mind-reading company Neuralink.

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