Finder = Tinder meets fintech

Finder is a new way to discover & buy stocks in the public markets. Here’s what it would look like, with my limited design skills:

The app is a love child of Tinder and Robinhood. As we all know, Robinhood is the millennials’ app to trade cryptocurrency and public market shares. But its user-interface is only focused on trading, and it is not polished enough to learn more about new companies to invest.

Finder may change this with a new user experience that’s inspired by Tinder, where you get to meet a new company with every swipe, and you can dive deeper with digested infographics in a horizontal-scroll format.

If you’ve used Tinder, you’ll know how this will work. When you swipe left, you’ll buy a small amount [*] of that stock just so you get to know it and can keep tabs on, or you may “super-like” to purchase a more substantial amount either on “Finder” or on your brokerage app of choice, via deep integrations. Otherwise, just swipe right and move on to the next hot company.

Morgan Stanley’s acquisition of E-Trade for $13B and Robinhood’s last valuation north of $5B indicate how hot fintech is. So if you’re a developer in hunt of new ideas to pursue, this may very well be worthy of your time, and with some luck in the Apple & Google App Stores, your efforts may pay off beautifully in every sense possible.

[*] The small amount could be as low as $5 or more, as per users’ preferences. It could be fractional as Robinhood introduced lately.

PS: On a personal side-note, I’m one of those people who think Tinder is actually bad! Reducing match-making to looks, and creating a false sense of abundance won’t help the society. But Tinder’s UX improvements are undoubtedly real. In summary, this may be an app that puts Tinder’s swipe-to-like innovation to actual good use.

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