Limitless, a new type of cafe/restaurant

Limitless will be a new type of coffee shop or restaurant chain, where you can order anything for a fixed price.

The price will be based on the amount of time you spend at the location. If you sit there for half an hour, you pay $5; for two hours, you pay $20, or many many multiples — you get the idea.

When you sit down, you must insert a credit card to begin, and the menu appears in a screen embedded to the table. While inside, you can order any amount of food or drinks that you want for no extra charge.

Here comes the exciting part; the screen also shows the calorie/caffeine/alcohol intake as you order. Not only this makes the customers more conscious about the implications of their choices, but it also prevents you from going bankrupt, inhibiting freeloaders. 🙂

The authenticity of the concept would help it generate buzz at its early stages. Initially, I’d keep the restaurant invite-only to cultivate a sense of exclusivity and community.

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