Invisible Laundry Machine

We believe that technology is at its very best; at its most empowering when it disappears

Jonathan Ive, Apple

Imagine a laundry machine disguised as a wardrobe closet.

This is the laundry machine disguised as a wardrobe closet. The “brown-ish thing” in the middle is a LED screen for you the operate the device.

Unlike the ones that we currently have at our homes, this closet looks like an Apple product; mono-color and no moving parts, except:

  • A screen to help you select your dress to pick up. It definitely needs a “Surprise me” button too!
  • An input for you to throw your outfit once they’re worn and you’re done.
  • An output to deliver the selected clothing.

As easy as that…

Once you throw your dress inside, it’s using OpenCV, or perhaps neural networks, to determine whether it was used and needs washing.

If not, it simply stores it in a space-efficient way, possibly airtight, unlike what we usually do ourselves. Thus, increased storage capacity at a minimum of 10x.

Otherwise, it just puts it in an internal washing machine, which you won’t see or hear. It may ask, in the display screen, whether the piece needs immediate cleaning or it can wait for the next cycle. The machine should also be able to read the washing instructions or use its internal algorithms as a fallback based on the color and fabric of that piece of clothing.

On this note, it may also act as an internet-connected device, so if it needs detergents, it may communicate with an e-commerce company of your choice and order without you even knowing it. So all you’d need to do would be to pick it up from your mailbox and put it in your “invisible washing machine.”

Overall, I believe this would be a 100x improvement to the existing systems out there, because it has several benefits;

  1. Airtight storage (less space needed)
  2. No hassle of choosing a wardrobe closet, and washing machine. A standard iWash in every home.
  3. No folding. Drop & Forget!

A note for Turkish readers:

Bu özellikle Arçelik ve Vestel gibi yerel üreticilerimizin gerçekleştirmesini umduğum bir fikir. Veya bir startup’imiz buna başlayıp belki şirketlerini bu devlere (ve hatta yabancılara) satabilirler… Sorun şu ki; Arçelik ve Vestel farklılaşamamış bir yerel üretici konumunda ne uzuyor, ne kısalıyorlar. Onun yerine böylesi bir alan seçip o alanda lider olmalılar.

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