Casino for Millennials

Beware; this is going to be an expensive idea to build.

What if there was a new Casino built entirely for the Millennial generation.

Bellagio, Vegas

Full disclosure; I’m not a gambler myself, but I’ve spent quite some time in Reno and Vegas.

What I observe is that most gamblers are older, 40+ years old, folks. They seem to enjoy the simplicity (, and stupidity) of the slot machines, and they’re playing it like on some sort of a hamster wheel (no offense). For the audience, there seems to be nothing more fun than sipping alcohol, rolling the dice and expecting some monetary prize; which must be the actual mechanics of the Casino business.

And that is fine… I’m not talking about destroying or trashing all those machines, but what if, instead, we had some more adrenaline-charged stuff, like all kinds of video-games and VR rooms, as well, reserved for the Millennial generation, and the Casino floor represented a more balanced distribution based on actual demographics of the population.

An endless Stack of Old-School Slot Machines

This would be a place where you could still enjoy the essentials;

  • enjoy alcohol
  • expect reward

but also, roll the dice (aka, randomizer) in a more exciting way.

I guess the only reason why the older demographics prefer those slot machines is they find it simple. They’re usually not good with computers either; so this is the only console alternative that fills the “randomizer” term in the Casino Business equation.

But since the millennial generation has now taken over the world, IMO the world is ready for a new experiment of a Millennial Casino, where, yes roulette, card games and slot machines would still rule, but we’d also have multiplayer FPS, MMO video-games, virtual reality escapes and more with real-time monetary prizes.

of course all the other typical Casino amenities such as;

  • fine restaurants,
  • an extravagant hotel,
  • pools & pool parties,
  • clubs

should still exist, as part of this new Casino.

Vegas needs something like this! I hope they’ll erect one before Macau does.

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