More on GraphJS and Phở Networks, for your next apps

Here’s a quick promotional break to our “Ideas” series for a tutorial on GraphJS and Phở Networks.

Phở Networks logo, inspired by phoenix & graph

I think the best way to learn is really by way of videos, rather than books & reading. So I attach our introductory GraphJS and Phở Networks screencasts below.


GraphJS on WordPress

Writing Apps on Pho Networks

Installing GraphJS-Server on Heroku

You may also just get started by creating a free account on

Hope these will help you prototype your next apps more quickly as we go along.

Don’t forget, Phở is not only a platform to prototype your ideas quickly in a low-code fashion, but it also helps you build applications that are ready to scale-out infinitely.

Should you have any questions, shoot me an email at

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