This mobile app will help you get rid of your ex’ face from your photos. This way, you won’t lose those treasured memories and the incredible places you’ve seen together; but the unwanted faces will just disappear.

Again, this is another AI app, and thanks to Tensorflow, Caffe, Keras, it should be a piece of cake to develop. It would work as follows:

  • Go through your photo archives on the device or Google Photos
  • Detect common faces
  • Find the one that’s most likely to be your ex (based on face appearance frequency, and the data it can extract on you, like your sex and age)
  • Present these options and let you pick one
  • Once selected, process the photos via neural networks to strip that unwanted person off of your photos.


Since confetti is too much of a cliche nowadays, don’t forget to show this to your users in when it’s done:

On a serious note, yes, there is already an app that does this; — but it is manual, hence slow and expensive.

And as Chris said:

Can’t agree more!!

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