Babycam with heat sensors

Ok, this is not my idea, but one that I came across on Twitter:

I really love the idea:

a baby cam with thermal imaging to alert you if your kid has an elevated temp overnight


Doesn’t have to be limited with thermal imaging, but it may also record everything, analyze in real time the movements and check if anything is wrong.

Parents are so sensible about their kids, they won’t mind spending more bucks for anything that will even slightly improve their lives or give them more info on how their kids are growing up.

On the technology side, OpenCV and convolutional neural networks (via TensorFlow) are two technologies that may come to help in the analysis.

This idea is one that I stole from my Twitter feed, but ever since the birth of my nephew, I’ve been constantly thinking about new technologies to enrich parents’ lives, and I’ll be occasionally posting about them here as well.

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