Solar-powered hardware company

Imagine your next iPhone or MacBook offering solar-powered charging capabilities. Not as the primary source of energy (because it would probably be too slow to charge) but as a backup for the doomsday scenarios.

I don’t know if Apple would do that in anytime soon, but even if they don’t, you can.

You just need to work with a vendor on AliBaba to tweak the hardware as per your solar-powered requirements and have them ship it with your custom open-source operating-system, either Linux (for desktop) or Android (for mobile,) pre-installed.

Similarly, one can create a new hardware brand focused on durability, an aspect many hardware companies ignore these days while concentrating on slimness, beauty, and swiss-knife like functionality. But a durability-focused brand would be very appealing for the audience who wouldn’t change their Ford F-500 for a Ferrari.

The smartphone industry needs its own F-500 too.

Hardware is always a difficult business to get into. Inventory management is a nightmare (been there, done that!) But I think there’s an opportunity in the durable hardware business.

BONUS IDEA: speaking of hardware, you may look at the privacy-focused router idea of mine, that I posted about 18 months ago. In short, it’s about boxing all major internet services we use in our daily lives in a privacy-first router. A combination of these two properties; durability + privacy would let one to create a really differentiated brand on the market.

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