Announcing a 150,000₺‎ Fund to invest in the ideas on this blog

This will be short.

I’m happy to announce that Research in Social Graph has dedicated a small fund of 150,000 Turkish Liras to incubate & invest in projects built around the ideas mentioned on this blog.

I must disclose; this is not an altruistic move. The funds will flow into projects that are using:

only; both open-source Research in Social Graph products.

About the Stack

The best way to describe this stack starts with the visual below:

With this fund, we want your products to be at the top of the stack (e.g. Future Products) targeting Consumers as well as Enterprise customers.

For more information on Phở Networks, I recommend you to read my announcement from 2.5 years ago;ở-networks-an-experiment-to-create-a-singularist-truly-scalable-social-platform-7236f6b8af

and here’s the GraphJS announcement

About the Fund

We expect to fund 3-4 projects over the next twelve months period. We may also help with:

  • Complementing your team’s lacking skill-set (design, or development) with our internal human resources.
  • Getting you incorporated, paperwork etc.
  • Mentoring and making introductions as you take the idea to the market.

To sum up, it will be a model similar to that of Y Combinator’s, when it first launched.

Please submit your projects by emailing me at

This is just a beginning. While we can only target Turkey-based developers (and mostly, hungry college students, as I used to be once) with this tiny fund, the goal is to secure more funds to invest larger amounts, in greater quantities, and without geographic boundaries.

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