Roll-up: StitchFix + Peloton + Fit3D

Ok, this is not really a startup idea, but a roll-up one to combine two larger public companies and a startup, so all three and the consumers could benefit.

StitchFix (NASDAQ: SFIX) and Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) are both public companies with none to little profits. On the surface, they seem to be working in very different industries.

In a nutshell, Peloton lets you live a healthier life with its connected spin bikes, while StitchFix gives you more time for yourself by doing the chores of shopping for clothes & shoes and keeping up with the latest trends in fashion & style.

I think both are cool companies, but the problem both face comes down to the same:

  • Wouldn’t StitchFix be able to send you the perfectly-sized custom clothes had it known exactly what your body size is, month by month? Because our body sizes change. Plus, no one is really sure about what their body size is, each vendor seems to have its own metrics, and you’re never confident enough when you share your details with online stores. That first step to getting started with StitchFix is a big unknown and real friction for sign-ups.
  • Wouldn’t Peloton be more engaging had it let you measure your progress, not just by a black-box metric, weight, but more holistically with the sizes of all your body parts (abdomens, legs, thighs, etc.)? Because, weight or BMI (body-mass-index) alone do not tell the real story about your looks and health. For example, a person with wide shoulders would weigh more for their height; hence their higher BMI would not adequately reflect the reality, and indicate where they stand.

Enter Fit3D, a 3D body scanner. The company could be a recipe to the pain points of both companies stated above, and even more (for example, you can replace Peloton with Mirror or SoulCycle.) By the way, I’m sure Fit3D is not alone either in the industry of affordable 3D body scanners for your home.

Fit3D would be the central point to let you track your health & fitness progress day by day, and send this data to StitchFix so every month you get clothes and shoes that will fit you perfectly.

The combination would be a great hardware + services company, a model pursued by Apple as well.

As Steve Jobs said, when negotiating the sale of NeXT, sometimes the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Disclosure: I never used Fit3D, so I can’t vouch for its performance, but I heard good things. I got to know them while negotiating a deal with one of their investors about five years ago and I don’t have any conflicts of interest.

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