Introducing “Ideas For Free”

Are you stuck in corporate life, or in between jobs, and want to start something meaningful? You’re not alone, many are in the same shoes with you as we speak, and entrepreneurship may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The first step to entrepreneurship is an idea that will instill you, want you to leave everything else behind, and start a new career. While you may be good at what you’re doing as a 10x engineer, sales maven, marketing guru, finance wizard, or a creative designer even, not everyone is great at coming up with new ideas to pursue.

If this sounds like you, welcome to this blog, and bookmark it while you’re at it… Here I will be posting about new startup/non-profit ideas here every week (or more often, when possible) with the goal to inspire some of you.

Inspiring is not the only goal. If I can provoke you to think and criticize in the comments, I will feel even more accomplished. So hopefully, some posts may feel as if they came out of MBA case-studies.

For background, I am a serial entrepreneur who founded and sold companies in the past. The demanding and time-consuming nature of my job did not keep me away from stashing new ideas on Gmail regularly throughout my career. I’m 37 now, honestly I already feel pretty old and I realize I won’t be able to do them all. This blog was born after I asked myself; why not share these ideas publicly and let someone else change the world for better, so we can all benefit.

I hope this won’t be yet another ghost-town blog, and you will participate in this journey with your thoughts in the comments, and we will eventually propel new ideas as a community.

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5 replies on “Introducing “Ideas For Free””

Super fun to read. Keep it coming Emre (or perhaps can we help?)
Do you have plans to have contributors here? I have few moleskines (as archive) filled with very disorganized and weird ideas noted/sketched in some shape or form.

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